fields of work

Fabian is currently working as a freelance producer on various Metaverse related topics, implementation of AI applications and immersive VR experiences in a cultural context. He moves easily between roles as a digital project manager, creative producer or consultant to meet the individual demands of his clients.

Besides that, he is working as an independent artist where he explores the creative frontiers of new technology like AI, NFTs and wearables. His work and interests include topics like emotions and physical limitations of he body in the digital age as well as concepts of singularity, artificial intelligence and transhumanism.


From 2016 to 2019 Fabian Mrongowius worked as a producer for VR and Branded Entertainment at UFA X within the Bertelsmann owned We are Era digital studio in Berlin. There he was responsible for the creation of innovative formats, such as 360-video production, VR and volumetric video.

He worked on the realisation of the first German walkable film "An entire Lifetime", which was internationally awarded. Together with UFA, ARTE and the Volucap studio, he produced the VR interpretation of the silent film classic “The cabinet of Dr. Caligari” for the Goethe-Institute, which is now touring to various European cities and their cultural institutions.

Since 2019 Fabian is a freelancing producer, creating Virtual Tours and Metaverse experiences for brands like Twitter or cultural institutions like Beuys2021.

Together with JOURNEE, Fabian helped their team to launch Metaverse experiences such as Joytopia for BMW as well as the MWVERSE for the McCANN Worldgroup presentation at the Cannes Lions 2022.